Lori Hall

For 5 years Lori marched Color Guard in the Sky Ryders® during the summer and winter. She also assisted in instructing band camps at a young age and aided Lee Carlson in creating a booklet for proper flag positioning and techniques. Lori also had a brother that played baritone and two younger sisters that were in the American flag squad that would stay on the field during competition.

Lori is currently a Hutchonian—spending the majority of her life living in the Hutchinson Area and being involved in several local committees and organizations.

Recently, when wearing a Sky Ryders logo shirt to a local event, she was thrilled by the number of residence who remembered the Sky Ryders—and is eager to educate those who did not. She is honored to be a part of bringing Marching Performing Arts back to Hutchinson.

Lori is married to husband, LaBan, and has all of her children, grandchildren, and several extended family members living in the Hutchinson Area.